Saturday, July 7, 2007

People Watching

This morning at the hotel I saw a Dork and four of his little dorklings come in. OMG this guy was a huge Dork, let me tell you. Looked like a middle-aged Harry Potter. And his kids? Looked like Revenge of the Nerds: the grade school years. I swear they were totally stereotypical. I wanted to take a picture but I thought that probably would have been rude. One of them even got a bloody nose. All that was missing of course was the Nerd Matriarch. I specifically remember saying to myself, "I have GOT to see this woman for myself," when in she waltzed. She was a frumpy, tree-hugging-looking, earth-muffin who squinted through thick glasses and said, "Good 'Moyning'!" with a buck-toothed smile. With a grin from ear-to-ear I said, "and good morning to you ma'am," not because I was particularly happy to see her but because she fit the mental image I had of her...PERFECTLY!

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