Thursday, July 5, 2007

Here's to swimmin with Bow-legged women!

A lot of you (my loyal readers) have been asking, "how do you divide your day Trevor?" Well you're very kind to ask.

Typically I will wake up two or three times before 6:00AM. I enjoy the comfort of knowing, "Hey you know what? I can still sleep for another hour." After which I will awake in a panic at 5:55AM, throw the covers off, and make a dash for the shower. I suppose if I were to start going to bed earlier I could wake up sooner and have time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast (for once)...but that's just too Poor Richard's Almanac for me. Besides, there's coffee at work. I'd quit if there wasn't.

After that work takes up a large chunk of my morning. I work at a hotel in a semi-rough part of town here in Colorado Springs. I say semi-rough because its really just economically depressed. To hear my guests describe it you'd think the hotel was in the middle of the Watts District; however I always consider the source. When the description comes from an overweight aging housewife who hasn't left the suburbs in 20 years and doesn't even have the courtesy to make up her face in the morning THEN it is suspect.

After a brief 8-hour intermission work is over and I go home. Usually I catch the free-shuttle back. Sometimes Ben picks me up and takes me back to my house. On days when Ben is working (by the way Ben and I are dating) I will typically stop by Starbucks after work and enjoy a Hazelnut latte and a snickerdoodle cookie. The latte because I'm a caffeine junkie, and the snickerdoodle because its just fun to say. Occasionally I'll go for Falafel except on days when I'm broke and then its strictly coffee...must have coffee...GIVE ME COFFEE!

Starbucks is an interesting affair here in...I guess you would call Colorado the "west". People out here while hopelessly addicted to the substance don't elevate coffee to the same level as they do in the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska). In Colorado you might be served a B-A-D bad cup of coffee, but you choke it down anyway in silence. In Seattle a little melodrama would ensue. You would take a sip and say, "Ohhhhh this is just terrible! Its watered down, the coffee has scorched and the milk is lukewarm!" then you'd pass the cup around to all your friends to sip so they can express their disdain and sympathy. Once you have sufficiently berated the coffee in front of everyone in the shop you'd bring it up to the counter and tell the barista everything that was dissapointing about the coffee and why he doesn't deserve to wear the green frock. Your barista would then hang his head in shame while he remade your double-shot latte: half regular half non-fat, sugarfree vanilla, no whip but extra foam; then he would go into the back and commit sepuku. Next week there would be someone new at the counter to screw up your order. Colorado Springs? Not so much.

But I digress. After my mid-afternoon jaunt to downtown I typically return home where I am frequently welcomed by my roommate Dustin and one bad kitty named Trouble. Her method of welcoming involves: meowing straight for about five minutes followed by digging her claws into the back of the leather sofa. Then she follows me around the house until I pick her up and muss up her fur. Then she's good for about an hour.

After that I feed either my World of Warcraft addiction OR if World of Warcraft is offline for maintainence (about 50% of the time) I feed my strategy game addiction which currently is sated by Command & Conquer 3. After that anything goes. If its monday or tuesday I usually hang out with Ben. Wednesday through Sunday is kind of a draw and I do whatever the heck I feel like.

Some of my favorite haunts:

Poor Richard's Bookstore/Coffee shop/Pizza: cause I mean come on! There's books, coffee, and pizza.

East Coast Delicatessen: great food, huge portions, low-ish price.

Starbucks: Naturally.

The Pita Pit: to feed my sometimes insane craving for Falafel.

Border's Bookstore: I like that they let you sit around reading the books as long as you like and nobody bothers you to purchase. That's probably because they're really, really lazy there.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: cause I like looking at impractical albeit attractive furniture and accessories.

Home Depot: I like to think about the dreamhouse I want to build in which I can put all the impractical furniture I buy from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The World Market: its like Bed, Bath & Beyond only they have African inspired furniture...which I find hideous. And not like leopard skinned underwear hideous, or 1970's themed end-table hideous which are kinda cool. Just plain hideous. What kind of person would buy that crap? Oh yeah, someone with no taste. Speaking of taste, its the only place I know of in Colorado Springs where you can buy ligonberry sauce, a favorite of mine.

Look around town. You're bound to run into me from time-to-time...statistically speaking of course.

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