Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hope and Prey

It was a rainy, cloudy afternoon today. I find rain to be a real treat down here in Colorado Springs. Mainly because I grew up in Ketchikan where an average yearly rainfall was measured in feet instead of inches. It has been in the 80's and 90's for the past week so it was a bit of a relief when the clouds rolled in.

As often happens when there is a weather change my mood changed as well. This time I was thrown into a pensive mood. I decided to go for a walk downtown. I wound up at the East Coast Delicatessan, one of my favorite joints. It was there as I was helping myself to some potato salad that I realized suddenly: Fundamental Christianity no longer exists in the United States and the abomination that sits in its place Civil-Christianity will soon be dead and buried.

I always thought that it would be my people who put the final nail in the coffin of corrupt psuedo-christian civil religion. However in my cynical state I never thought I would live to see it. In the end it came down to one inescapable reality: It really is US vs. THEM. And really when thought out it comes down to the Religious Reich's supposed "right" to continue to denigrate and persecute my people, and our right to say, "No we're not going to put up with that anymore"

Many gay people like to point the 1968 Stonewall Riots as the watershed moment in our collective history. However I see Stonewall as a mostly symptomatic reaction of any oppressed people group. Eventually all persecuted people reach a point where they have had enough, have nothing else to lose, and will rebel regardless of the consequences. American history is replete with such examples. This is just and right; no one rights should be trampled just to satisfy the lust others have for political power.

But as I said earlier I believe that civil Christianity is on its way out of the American Political landscape, the sooner the better. However don't get me wrong, actual real Christianity will remain vibrant and a part of the American cultural ethos just as it always has. This is also just and right in my opinion. The trouble with civil religion (of all types) is that it commits adultery with the government. The result is a bastardization of religious beliefs. Consequently you have the incongruous nature of Conservative Christianity, which teaches "charity only inasmuch as you get off your lazy tax-sucking welfare ass you unwed hussy!"

Full gay acceptance is an idea who's time may have finally come. There will of course be the usually screeching histrionics, gnashing of teeth and grasping at straws but I would pay them no mind. They are merely the death throes of moral cowards.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back Fatty Bo Batty

So there I was behind the front desk of the hotel, minding my own business, when I heard the front door open. So I stood up and went to the counter to see who it was. A man was standing in the doorway. This is not unusual except that he was holding the door handle, just kind of leaning against the door and was breathing heavily.
I asked,

"Sir? Are you doing alright?" He didn't answer but began shuffling to the counter. When he had crossed the foyer he finally spoke.

"I'm having, a bit of a problem here..." *wheeze* *cough*

"I can see you're having some trouble breathing, shall I call the hospital?" I asked. He took a deep breath, swallowed and said,

"No, no, I'll be alright. I've just had the wind knocked out of me. Ummmmm...this is kind of embarassing...but I've broken your shower."

See the damage for yourself:

At this point I think it only fair to point out that this man was not some athletic soldier type who would look good with his shirt off. I point it out because, well, he felt in necessary to take off his shirt, in the lobby of the hotel, in full view of the guests in the dining room, to show me the bruise he would have. It was a nightmare A NIGHTMARE I tell you! Dude had back boobies...seriously it was scary.

Not only that but of course he looked to be wearing a dark wool sweater what with all the back hair. It was grizzly. *shudders*

Friday, June 22, 2007

Famous people I know

Today I was thrilled to learn that we now have Wanda Sykes working for us as a housekeeper. Actually no it was not her. That would have been cool though. Our new housekeeper's name is Debra, and even though she's not really a famous comedienne she is a really nice person who is eager to work. And she does bear a striking resemblance to Wanda. Moreover she actually has housekeeping experience (3+ years) and she showed up...which is actually a really good indicator of reliability in this industry.
Having reliable housekeepers is like having wireless broadband internet access, cable, or fresh coffee. Its something you never think about until its gone. And boy oh boy do you miss it. I was getting tired of folding linens and towels in addition to my regular duties at the front desk; actually I never did mind it that much cause it was good mindless busy-work and I could watch TV. I still screw up while folding the fitted king-size sheets though, they look like crap.
Anyway, just thought you should know about the famous people I know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 issues

All-in-all I'm pleased with the overall functionality of's blogging system. I do have one complaint however and that's how hard it is to log in to your own blog without Java enabled. There should just be a general log in page. Go ahead and keep the java tab if you like just make a regular forms version available for us mobile users.

Oh did I forget to mention that I'm typing this on my cell phone? That's right I DO possess advanced technology. Oddly enough my cellphone contains a complete web-browser which is java-enabled. However as with all things nothing is perfect. The Java login section appears off-screen to the right and I can't jump to the part where you put in your username.

How am I typing this now? There's a curious inconsistency in Blogger that allows you to log in whilst posting a comment to someone's blog. I posted a comment on my own blog et voila! I'm logged in. Now I should stay logged in until the next time I reset my phone.

Oh well.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wow people!

Hey hey,

Wow I'm amazed at how far behind I am in the quality of my blog. Just look at the dull layout and bad picture quality. Ugh, I'm disgusted! Anyway I'm currently adding a list of people that I used to know in Ketchikan to my collection of blogs. I'm calling this list "The Dredge Report" since I'm dredging up everyone from the past. Yes I know its blatant plagarism of the DrudgeReport. I dont care...the DrudgeReport is boring anyway.

I think that I may just have to break down and invest in a better quality digital camera. Amazingly the "low-quality" digital camera that comes standard in my T-Mobile Sidekick II is actually better the the "High-quality" digital camera that comes standard in the T-Mobile Sidekick III's unit. I know I did a side-by-side comparison with Ben since he has the Sidekick III. Either the camera sucks or Ben has some greasy fingers touching the lense or something.

Anyway, since I am driven to be the best at whatever I do you will soon find your blogs inferior to mine.



Hello all,

I'm Trevor. Its a pleasure to meet me. Over the next few months/years you'll have the pleasure of getting to know me and my unique and always correct world view. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog. I hope so...for your sake because if you don't it means you are a subintelligent.