Friday, June 22, 2007

Famous people I know

Today I was thrilled to learn that we now have Wanda Sykes working for us as a housekeeper. Actually no it was not her. That would have been cool though. Our new housekeeper's name is Debra, and even though she's not really a famous comedienne she is a really nice person who is eager to work. And she does bear a striking resemblance to Wanda. Moreover she actually has housekeeping experience (3+ years) and she showed up...which is actually a really good indicator of reliability in this industry.
Having reliable housekeepers is like having wireless broadband internet access, cable, or fresh coffee. Its something you never think about until its gone. And boy oh boy do you miss it. I was getting tired of folding linens and towels in addition to my regular duties at the front desk; actually I never did mind it that much cause it was good mindless busy-work and I could watch TV. I still screw up while folding the fitted king-size sheets though, they look like crap.
Anyway, just thought you should know about the famous people I know.

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