Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Inqueersition: Ask this Homosexual, phobes on notice.

One of the things that concerns me as a gay activist in this modern age is the prevalence of disinformation circulated as fact amongst the body of Christ. It is hypocritical (to say the least) to claim to uphold the word of God yet conveniently ignore one of God's ten commandments. To hear some "Christians" tell it, there is no other sin worse than love shared between two consenting adults of the same gender. Yet curiously that didn't even make the big Ten. Bearing false witness did.

It is unethical to acuse and condemn someone on the basis of unscientifically conducted "studies" that have not been peer-reviewed. It is 'bearing false witness' to prop up long discredited, erroneous research as "factual" in order to bolster an anti-gay argument. Any "Christian" who does so deliberately despite having full knowlege that the "research" in question is not the truth WILL be sent to the lake of fire as punishment.

The trouble is that although its the "Christian" leaders who are mainly responsible for being stingy with the truth, its the laity who will ultimately suffer for it. The truth ALWAYS wins out in the end. Eventually everyone reaches the conclusion that homosexuals really aren't the monsters that "Christians" make them out to be. What happens then is the individual Christian is forced into a moral dilemma. They must ask themselves, "Do I believe my pastor who says homosexuals molest most children and that they chose to become homosexual because they hate God? Or do I believe my nephew who says he's never even THOUGHT of harming a child, struggled for years to repress homosexual thoughts, and who desperately prayed for Jesus to heal him, but turned out gay anyway?" Those Christians that choose to believe the latter opinion take a step toward enlightenment. Those that choose to believe the former opinion, drink the Cool-Aid and eventually become a constant source of irritation and do harm to their fellow man, believing they are justified in Christ.

Tragically many well-meaning Christians are duped by the very people they should be able to trust the most to tell them the truth.Therefore, in an ongoing effort to mass dispel the disinformation campaign of the Religious Right I will be publishing a series of essays designed to make the truth stand out from the buzz. Each individual essay will deal with one or two commonly held beliefs of "Christians" about homosexuals and offer an explanation as to why the belief is either an: unsupported myth, partial truth, old wives' tale, or outright lie. Every effort will be made to provide external links to factual information. In cases where no conclusive evidence exists but personal testimony may suffice I will be more than happy to offer my own insights as well as to respond to questions.

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