Friday, April 25, 2008

L2Mouse-over me jackass...I'm a Priest!

The other day I was in the Alterac Valley staging area. I was patiently friendly-targeting and casting my Improved Divine Spirit buff when the compulsory "TABLE!!!!" shrieking started. This time the repeated yelling came from a gnome who was also jumping around like a moron. However no refreshment table was ever summoned. This is nothing but a minor annoyance in my opinion because I always stock my own food and water anyway. But apparently some people take having a mage not summon a refreshment table as seriously as being denied Communion.
When the horn sounded and the battle began I immediately received a private message: "Way to go dumbass I'm reporting you AFK. GIVE US A FUKKING TABLE NEXT TIME! L2P NOOB!" Stunned I wrote back: "Learn to read moron I'm a Priest, we don't do that spell". He was quiet after that.
Now I think I understand the source of some of the confusion. Typically Priests will dress in garments such as this:

Gold, and White, and Royal Purple seem to be pretty standard Priest diggs. And to be quite honest most Priests you encounter in the Battlegrounds will be more interested in Healing bonuses than spell damage bonuses, and will naturally gravitate toward gear of this particular style. However I was dressed thusly:

Notice my red and silver outfit. I think my character looks fabulous in it by the way. Apparently however it resembles some of the more common battle gear that Mages wear. So its certainly plausible that some folks would be initially confused but all you really have to do is hold the mouse over my character. A handy little "human Priest" information box will pop up.

So to the jackass who got all pissy without cause: Please shard all your gear that you undoubtably bought from a Korean hacker on eBay, cancel your World of Warcraft account, cancel your credit cards, move to a shack in the woods in Montana and shut the hell up for the rest of your life. Noob.

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