Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have a Dream…house.

There are some interesting things going on right now in Colorado Springs. Today is the State Democratic Convention at the World Arena. Since our hotel is within the two mile radius of the event we are naturally chock-full of guests, delegates, alternates, and otherwise. We are of course thrilled about that (money money money!). The success of this Convention in a town dominated by Right-wing Conservatives is in a word: astonishing. The World Arena seats about 10,000 patrons if memory serves. Last night during registration delegates had to wait up till about midnight to be fully registered. It follows the pattern that we have seen nationwide thus far. We’ve seen record Democrat turnouts even in states that traditionally vote Republican. On the flip-side the Republicans now barely have the energy to masturbate when McCain talks about “liberating” Iran.

Nationally the recent California Supreme Court ruling which struck down that state’s ban on same-sex marriages has gotten me thinking about issues of hearth and home. As the saying goes, “As California goes, so goes the nation” and since California is the most populous state it makes perfect sense. I fully expect every Fundamentalist Christian retard in America to try and fight the spread of same-sex marriage but I think eventually, despite the kicking and screaming, it’s going to happen.

It looks very likely that Democrats will gain seats in both houses of Congress and have a decent chance of winning the White House this November. As such the chances that the fundtards will be able to rally enough votes to sponsor a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage become exceedingly slim. Therefore it will only be a matter of time before the Supreme Court of the United States votes to overturn ALL state constitutional bans on same-sex marriage.

This raises a disturbing question: just what the heck am I supposed to tell my mother now? “Yes I know I’m 31 years old and not married mother but it’s illegal in 49 states anyway.” Welp, now that list of excuses is getting shorter. So with that in mind I’ve been thinking about the future a lot.

My parents are going to be building a new house this summer. They've already purchased a nice piece of land and they have have blueprints from a drafting company for a design they really like. They want me to come back to Ketchikan and help them build it. Building a house from the ground up has always been a dream of mine. Well to clarify building my OWN house from the ground up has always been a dream of mine. Circumstances being as they are I don't think I'll be able to get away from Colorado Springs for any length of time this summer. What I thought I would do was use my tax stimulus check and buy a home design prgram for my computer, a nice one. That way I can input my parents' houseplans into it and help them choose a decorating scheme as well as to add or remove and design elements they want. As a secondary bonus of this line of thinking I had a dream about my own not to distant future.

In the dream I saw my future home (or at least the kitchen, dining room, living room, and view). It was one of those 'lucid dreams' that you have where everything is as it is in real life and you have perfect clarity. As such I remembered the details vividly and now they are committed to memory. So what I want to do is start drafting the blueprints for my own dream house as well. Perhaps I'll publish some of the screen shots and walthrough videos on this blog.

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